Do Ergonomic Keyboards really Work?

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If you are thinking about the necessity of having an ergonomic keyboard with you, then my personal experience will make you think twice. Before getting into my personal experience, I here love to clarify certain issues, many people think that the ergonomic keyboards highly required by the hardcore users or gamers who often sits in front of the computer for a prolonged time. Yes! That is true I completely accept that thoughts, however, ergonomic keyboards are similar like an investment that protects you from health hazards.

I personally suggest all the computer users to start shifting to ergonomic keyboards; however, there are certain things I much share here. A hardcore computer user who types a long time and the PC gamers might find easy to access the ergonomic keyboards. Because the ergonomic keyboards are specially designed to ease the things for heavy users and gamers owing to that the players/users will feel comfortable, however, for normal users they will face some difficulties at the beginning when they start to use an ergonomic keyboard. For them, it is hard to remember the key position in the ergonomic keyboard, which is slightly different when compared with key positions in the normal traditional flat keyboards.

Okay! Let’s back to the core subject briefing about the works of ergonomic keyboards. As a hardcore IT guy, I supposed to sit in front of the computer for hours to develop coding for my project. We programmers always aware of keeping the body posture in the right way in order to keep ourselves safe from serious health hazards. However, we aren’t aware especially me about the typing posture and the improper typing posture will lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

After a few years of successful career in the IT industry, I started to feel the pain in my wrists, palm and forearms slightly. Initially, I thought I might be because of heavy workloads and I keep myself free from my works for a few days I felt comfortable and while resuming my work I started to experience the same pains. And that’s the point where my alarm bells started to ring in my head.

I started to research and consulted various physicians, all pointed towards the hand posture while typing. I came to aware of the ergonomic keyboards with no hesitate, I Immediately purchased and started to work. Because I am not economically wealthy to leave my job, family commitment woos me a lot.  Within a few weeks of time, I started to realize the difference in my pain, while searching more about the ergonomic keyboards I came to know more about it. I wish to share those details below; it will be useful for computer users who are in double minded about using ergonomic keyboards.

When you need Ergonomic Keyboard?

As, I said before in my experience, if you are a spend significant amount of time on typing text in keyboards and started to feel the discomfort and pains on your wrists, palms, forearms and to the shoulders then it’s the right time for you to shift to ergonomic keyboards.

At the same time, shifting to ergonomic keyboard only won’t help you to get relief from your health hazards; you should consult with the right physician to take the right medication to recover from the damage. Meanwhile, if you are computer users, who literally uses one or two fingers for typing text then shifting to ergonomic keyboards will not be helpful; instead, proper medication will solve you from pain. Pain might occur from other causes.

In today’s market, there are several types of ergonomic keyboards available; among those, picking the right one according to your need is vital for gaining more benefits.

Types of Ergonomic Keyboards

∙         Split keyboard

Well, the split keyboard itself comes in two variants like attached split keyboards and detachable keyboards. In the single attached split keyboards, it might visible similar to the traditional keyboards, however, the keys in the boards are grouped multiple in order to be convenient for the users while typing texts. On the other hand, the detachable keyboards can be spitted in two units and can place separately according to the easiness for users to type.

∙         Contoured keyboard:

It is the enhanced version of the split keyboards, where the keys in the contoured keyboards are placed with certain gaps. Users need to do little movement while typing texts so that their arms and wrists required moving a little without altering the natural posture.

∙         Handheld keyboards

It is the specially designed ergonomic keyboards for gamers. Unlike the normal flat keyboards, this handheld keyboard allows users to move around the room or table and type without any creating any problems. In addition, this type of handheld keyboards might come with the built-in trackball mouse.

∙         Angle split keyboard

It is somehow similar to the split keyboards, where the key posture slightly angled in both vertical and in a horizontal manner. Owing to that angle, the index finger of the users will slightly position upwards when compared with the little finger while typing.

∙         Other ergonomic keyboards

Apart from those, there are certain ergonomic keyboards designed peculiar key positions like fixed, or vertical aligned, so that the users can have their hands perpendicular while typing text. In addition, there are several others like keyless ergonomic keyboards are available in the market.

Benefits of Ergonomic Keyboards

Well, I here am describing the benefits of the ergonomic keyboard on basis of my personal experience. First of all, users how uses ergonomic keywords can rest their both hands and wrists even they do long type session.

The design of the ergonomic keyboards reduces the strains of the user’s neck, back and even on their shoulder while typing. This eventually allows them to be in the comfort zone for entire typing sessions, and it improves the typing ability of the users.

One can simply say as there is yet to be definite studies over the benefits of using ergonomic keyboards, however, on basis of the personal changes there are several user who changes their keyboards to ergonomic and experiencing the benefits. I am proud to say as me too one among those beneficiaries.

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